Sunday, September 2, 2018

Investment Solutions

Banyan Partners provides personalized, creative and comprehensive investment management solutions. We believe the key to successful portfolio management is selecting the right investments to help you reach your financial goals.

Custom Investment Solutions
Specialty Strategies
Investment Philosophy
Proactive, Opportunistic Management
Banyan Partners provides true customization for each client with an opportunistic investment philosophy and prudent risk management. We seek investment opportunities across a wide range of financial markets and securities. Unlike others who invest within a narrow range or style box (value, growth, small cap, large cap), Banyan looks at the entire global financial market to find opportunities for clients.

Depth of Experience
Our experienced investment management team includes two attorneys, a PhD in Economics and Finance, three Chartered Financial Analysts, three Certified Financial Planners, a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Chartered Advisor for Senior Living, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor FA, a Masters in Economics, and several MBAs.

Unbiased Research
We have over a dozen individuals dedicated to exploring, researching and analyzing the economy, the markets and specific securities we identify as promising candidates for our clients. Our decisions are our own. They are not influenced by popular trends or fads being touted by Wall Street or the financial media. We identify every investment opportunity through independent and ongoing macroeconomic, fundamental and technical analysis.

Internally Managed
Every client portfolio is managed in-house. We seek to build long-term, exclusive, collaborative relationships with each client. We know our clients well and we build each portfolio — from the ground up — with careful security selection that is flexible enough to go well beyond equities and fixed income to sophisticated option strategies and commodities.

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