Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Company: Citigroup Investment Bank -Sales & Trading Intern

I had an incredible experience this summer as an intern at Citigroup in New York. Citigroup recruits juniors entering their senior year in hopes that they will rehire them for full time positions. The interview process is highly selective but it worthwhile because it is one of the best programs on the street. The program lasted 10 weeks and was a great way to experience Wall Street Trading at its best. Each week, interns rotate to a new trading desk in Fixed Income or Equities. An intern’s responsibility is to learn as much about the desk as possible and leave a good impression on the people you sit with. Since no interns have Series licenses required to trade, the internship requires you to spectate. I learned lots about the behavior of the markets, economic indicators, strategies of trading, and how to make money. It is an intense atmosphere but one that many people love. It is a great opportunity to begin a career on Wall Street.

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