Saturday, January 5, 2019

Binary Options Trade

The binary options are based on the kind of “Yes/No” proposal (option) and they have the advantage to propose a fixed and predetermined return on investment, which is known in advance. The binary options are an ideal way to enter the complex world of financial trading because they are simple to understand and to trade: indeed, none previous experience of trading is required.

Thanks to the binary options, everyone can trade online and take advantage of excellent opportunities of the financial markets !

On the PlanetOption ™ trading platform, a binary option shows two-possible market movements, which depend on the trading tool which you will be able to choose:

High/Low Tool : You just have to decide if the price of the asset will RAISE or GO DOWN
One Touch Tool : You just have to decide if the asset will REACH or NOT REACH the stock exchange price.
Boundary Tool : You just have to decide if the price of the asset will remain the same or not in the RANGE of the current target.
Profit-making Positions
A binary option in a profit-making position expires ” in the money ” and supplies a fixed and known in advance ROI. For example, a 500€ investment on an High option EUR / USD, bought to a price of 1,4407, will bring a 925€ return (+85 %) if the price is upper to 1,4407 when it expires. The profit is not modified by the variation compared to the exceeded purchase price at its expiration (e.g. 1,4408 and 1,4459 will bring the same profit).

Otherwise, if the price at its expiration is lower than the purchase price (1,4407 in the previous example,) then the option expires ” out of the money ” and the investment is lost.

Useful Features
To help you to make the right decisions of trading at the right time, PlanetOption ™ supplies you background information over all the assets negotiated on its platform as well as real time graphs or historical data.

PlanetOption ™ also allows you to realize an “early closure” on all the options negotiated on the platform. This feature allows the trader to close the options before the expiration deadline: in other words, thanks to this feature, you can minimize the risks of losses or then protect the already realized profits!

Fast Trading
After having registered and realized a first money deposit on the PlanetOption™ platform, you will be able to start trading in a few minutes on the trading page -requires no uploads-, following 3 very simple steps :

1. Choose the financial option you want to trade from the drop-down menu.

2. For instance, for an Up/Down option : Select “Up” if you think the price will be inferior to the current price when expires.

3. Enter the amount you wish to invert and click on the button “Buy”.

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