Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Money Matters in Kensington

1. The project has several separate, but complementary strands, which became more integrated as the project progressed.

Sound as a Pound course, provided accessible financial capability sessions, with groups of parents over 6 -8 weeks. Topics included: savings, budgeting, welfare benefits ( including major changes), borrowing, using bank accounts, credit unions, energy saving. companies

IT /Digital Inclusion provided courses on using the computer and how to explore the internet. The more informal Computer Club emerged from the courses and provided a context where students could bring their own individual learning needs and interests. This became more relevant as there is a growing trend for public services to be accessed on-line.

Community Research strand whereby a group of learners came together to find out about the agencies in the local area who could help and support parents over money matters. All of these agencies have been partners in the project, some of them making an input to the Sound as a Pound course.

Money Matters Survival Guide The final strand, bringing the other aspects together has been the production of a useful booklet, which is a record of the project’s development and a source of useful information for families. Much of the Guide has been designed through the Computer Club where parents have helped to decide the most relevant content. This booklet will be available to a wider group of parents in the community.

2. Project objectives

  • To support participants to develop their ICT skills
  • To increase financial awareness and capability
  • To increase awareness of local agencies who can give financial support and advice
  • To strengthen social networks
  • To strengthen family health and well-being

3. Planned outcomes for learners

At the end of the project, learners will:

  • be more in control of their family finances especially in view of the wide ranging changes to the Welfare Benefits system
  • have learned to improve their budgeting skills
  • be able to complete a Money Matters action plan
  • be better equipped to save and borrow wisely
  • have developed their digital learning skills,
  • know how to access suitable websites
  • be able to work independently
  • be informed about support available from local agencies
  • have gained confidence to access support as needed
  • have formed friendship networks
  • know what family facilities are available in Kensington

4. Project timetable (from project initiation, through to delivery and final review and Celebration).